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DALIA: SaaS solution for the visualization, measurement and calculation of distances based on the management of LiDAR data and images

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Review of air lines

Redinter and Elewit – Redeia subsidiaries – invite you to participate in a webinar, organized together with Red Eléctrica and Aerolaser System, with the aim of learning about an innovative solution for the detection of anomalies in line inspection, being a modern tool for creating and management of digital models of linear infrastructures, contributing to engineering, maintenance and construction tasks.

In 2021 DALIA was born as an innovation project that allows optimizing efficiency in inspections of overhead power lines, increasing the safety of specialist technicians by using helicopters and drones in inspection that will avoid work at height.

To do this, DALIA focuses on two main technological developments:

Information capture: Its purpose is to optimize the airline inspection methodology to adapt them to already proven capture systems, such as obtaining LiDAR point clouds and digital photographs. Specifically, through an RPA developed within the framework of the project, 220 kV and 400 kV lines have been inspected, following a flight procedure under constant evaluation to improve both the quality of the data and the speed of the process.

Integral management of geospatial information: Allows digitizing and automating inspection procedures through artificial intelligence models. Once its effectiveness has been evidenced, the necessary developments are prioritized to improve the efficiency of this new procedure. In the case of LIDAR data processing, a pilot has been successfully carried out which, after its evaluation, is currently being industrialized, developing a SaaS application that includes more vision and anomaly management functionalities in high-voltage line assets.

We invite you to learn more about DALIA through our free webinar that we will hold on Thursday, September 28 at (10:00 a.m. Peru) (12:00 p.m. Chile), where we will have the participation of Óscar García, from Elewit; Tomás Herrera and José María Luque, from Aerolaser; and Sergio Jerónimo and Melania Grimaldos, from Red Eléctrica, who will be talking about the context, origin and operation of the platform, and the use cases in Red Eléctrica.