Our customers in Peru

We pursue the satisfaction of our customers


Our main customers are:

  • Electricity and telecommunications: REA is responsible for ensuring the availability of the lines and substations included in the concession granted to Red Eléctrica del Sur (REDESUR) and Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur for energy transfer; consequently, for the last 12 years, REA has been providing services for the execution of maintenance, measurement of parameters, and emergency response.
    Also, through REDESUR, it provides maintenance services for the dark fibre optic network to several companies, making use of advanced technology to detect, pinpoint, and correct optical faults along the links.
  • Mining and industry: in order to take advantage of the availability of the equipment that it has, and thanks to the team of professionals and technical staff that are constantly receiving training, REA has strengthened its sales management, which has enabled it to offer specific services that consist mainly of electrical testing for high-voltage equipment and protection systems.
    Through REDESUR, a group company, REA provides operations and preventive, conditional, and corrective maintenance services. Likewise, as part of its trajectory, it provides maintenance services for medium and high-voltage equipment.
  • Projects: REA has experience in the comprehensive supervision of construction projects for high-voltage electrical installations, as well as the management and technical project management of these types of projects..