Transmission Activity

Transmission activity

Transmission lines

The electricity transmission business is developed through the company Red Eléctrica del Sur S.A. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Redinter) and four electricity transmission companies integrated in it: Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur S.A.C, Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur 2 S.A.C, Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur 3 S.A.C and Transmisora Eléctrica del Sur 4 S.A.C. In addition to the company Red Eléctrica del Norte Perú S.A.C., we have a presence in the north with our transmission line CCNCM S.A.C. (Concesionaria Línea de Transmisión Carhuaquero-Cajamarca Norte-Cáclic-Moyobamba).

These companies are responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of transmission lines.

Our infrastructure includes several power transmission lines and substations in the south and north of the country.

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