Privacy policy

RED ELÉCTRICA INTERNACIONAL S.A. (hereinafter, REI) is aware of the importance of privacy for our users (owners of private data). For this reason, we have prepared and published this Privacy Policy which explains how your private data will be processed and the security measures that we will take to protect them.

1. General Information

REI gathers information relative to users’ visits to offer a better browsing experience on its web page and to ensure the means to present suggestions, claims, complaints or queries, apply for a position or request quotes. This information allows us to offer better browsing and to solve problems that certain users may have with the appearance of the website.

2. What is personal data?

Personal data means any information that can identify a natural person, or which enables identification through media that may reasonably be used. REI can collect a range of sensitive personal data through our web channels, email, and telephone, which will be stored in the corresponding databases.
This data may consist of:
Name and surname.
Email address.
Mobile and/or land line number or profession.
This list is not definite, and other personal details may be collected in accordance with the purpose previously explained to the user.
When users register their personal details as required by a form on the website, they must ensure the accuracy, truthfulness and validity of the information provided. Users acknowledge that by providing their details, they are explicitly granting REI their consent to process their private data for the purposes described in this Policy.
If users provide inaccurate, mistaken or false personal data, UNICON will not be able to contact them to comply with the corresponding purpose.

3. Purpose for processing personal data

REI informs that the personal data collected on the website will be processed for the purposes described in section 1. Under no circumstance will the processing of our users’ personal data extend to any purpose other than those for which they were collected. If REI wishes to process the personal data for a different or additional purpose than that for which consent was granted, it will contact the user and obtain their prior consent.

4. Consent

REI must obtain informed freely-given explicit consent in advance before it can process the personal details of its users. Therefore, REI will always inform the user before gathering their personal details about the purpose for which they are being processed.
With the publication and acceptance of this Policy, users grant their consent for REI to process their personal details for the purposes contained in this Policy.

5. Transfer of information to third parties

With regard to the purpose of collection, REI may transfer users’ private data to associated companies and/or strategic partners with similar interests, in this country or abroad, as long as the users do not revoke their consent.
In compliance with legal imperatives and/or judicial requirements, REI may be forced to share its users’ private data with courts or other authorities to comply with legal procedures or demands from a public authority.

6. Period for conservation

The personal details collected will be kept by REI for the period considered necessary to meet the purposes given and/or the period stated by a specific law on this issue. The personal data may also be cancelled at the user’s request, unless where this is forbidden by law.

7. Measures adopted to protect personal data

REI has adopted the security measures demanded by law and is committed to treating personal data as confidential information in order to prevent and impede unauthorized access or disclosure and ensure that the information is used appropriately.
When using any of the web services offered by REI, your web browser will connect with our services through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. SSL is a standard communications industry protocol that allows applications to transmit secure information over the Internet. SSL also ensures that you are really sending your data to REI and not to a site that claims to be REI.
The personal data that we can collect through the REI web site or the different means of communication with our clients or suppliers will be processed with total confidentiality, with a commitment to keeping secrecy about them and guaranteeing our responsibility for adopting all means necessary to prevent alteration, loss or unauthorized access or processing, in accordance with the stipulations of the applicable legislation.
REI accepts no responsibility for the risk of theft of personal data committed by third parties, when users transfer the information to the servers where the web page is housed and the email accounts of REI through their own computer or mobile device.

8. Right to information, to revoke and ARCO rights

REI offers users the opportunity to exercise their rights under current legislation, through a written request addressed to REI. This request can be obtained from the offices of REI. Users cannot exercise their rights over the telephone because this medium does not allow them to prove their identity as owners of the personal data stored.
Users have a series of rights over their personal data which are covered by legislation on this matter, which they can exercise at any time as desired, consisting of the following:
Information: Users may request information about their rights and/or the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.
Revocation:Users may revoke the consent they have granted for processing their personal data at any time, without prior justification and without retroactive effect.
Access: Users have the right to obtain information about their personal data that is processed, as well as the manner, reason and conditions for its collection.
Rectification:Users may request the correction of any data that they find to be incorrect, inaccurate or false.
Erasure: Users can request the deletion of personal data from the REI databases when they are no longer needed or relevant to the purpose for which they were collected, the expiration of the period for their processing or withdrawal of consent or when they are not being processed in accordance with the relevant legislation on this matter.
Opposition: Users have the right to oppose the processing of their private data and to stop processing when they have not given their consent for it or when it has been obtained from a public source. When users have not granted consent, they can oppose the processing of their data for legitimate and justified reasons.

9. Use of cookies

Every time a user visits this website, REI will inform them of the cookies sent to their computers or mobile devices. REI will grant the information obtained through its cookies the same treatment as the information obtained as personal data.
The reasons for collecting the information through cookies are the same for which the personal data is collected. The information collected through cookies will be transferred to third parties under the same restrictions as personal data. REI will keep this information protected as determined by law and will also treat it as confidential. Users have the same rights over the information collected through cookies as the personal data that they have given.
Users can disable most of the cookies that are sent to their computers and mobile devices by changing the default configuration of their browsers and operating systems. The consequences of disabling the cookies may prevent REI from offering its users customized content.

10. Information provided over the telephone

REI can collect information over the telephone for offering its services. This information covers the personal data that the user provides by telephone. This information will be processed only for the purpose given and will be added to the corresponding database.

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

REI reserves the right to make any changes it considers relevant to its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, so we encourage you to periodically review our Policy. By clicking on “accept,” marking a check box, etc., you acknowledge that you have read and understood the points raised in this Policy and are granting your consent for the processing of your personal data for the purposes specified in the previous paragraphs.