Environmental management

At Redinter, environmental management is conducted by applying management tools to ensure effective planning, execution, monitoring, and control of compliance with the standards outlined in our Environmental Policy and the commitments legally acquired under our Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA) or Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).​

To address the commitments established in the project RCA or EIA, we utilize management tools to monitor their compliance in two main areas of action:​ ​

  • Compliance monitoring at the design stage: The design of our facilities takes into account the environmental context; therefore, detailed design proposals put forth by contractors undergo verification and validation. If any discrepancies arise between the requirements of the RCA or EIA and the final design, alternative solutions are discussed. These solutions may involve engineering adjustments or, if necessary, the processing of a modification to the RCA or EIA. ​
  • Compliance monitoring during construction: Each contractor involved in construction activities follows an Environmental Management Plan that has been validated by Redinter. These plans include programs, procedures, and/or protocols that collectively ensure the proper implementation of the commitments established in the RCAs or EIAs. For example, every contractor plan encompasses induction procedures and protocols for environmental clearance of work areas (including flora, fauna, and archaeology) that help identify and mitigate any unforeseen environmental impacts. ​

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