Our professionals

We have a team of committed professionals who have the skills, know-how, and experience, and who receive ongoing training to guarantee the highest levels of availability of our transmission and fibre optic lines and provide comprehensive electricity solutions, making use of cutting-edge technology to guarantee the operation of the generation and transmission systems that we manage.

We are committed to our employees and for this reason, we manage the people who form part of our companies in a socially responsible manner.


Job quality and stability

We have a Master Plan that actively contributes to the achievement of the goals of the Strategic plan in the area of human resources, in an atmosphere of commitment and a positive social climate.

This plan is structured along four main lines of action:

  • Strategic business partner.
  • Excellence in human resource management.
  • Talent management and development.
  • Leadership in safety and health: healthy company.

In addition, our commitment to job stability is reflected by the fact that 94% of the staff have permanent contracts.

Safety and health

Our goal is to constantly improve the levels of safety and health, which are understood to include physical, mental, and social well-being. The elimination of work-related accidents is a priority, so that both employees and suppliers can carry out their activities safely. Some of the actions carried out in the area of health promotion include the consolidation of the Annual Health Monitoring Plan (PAVIS) through the occupational medical service.

Talent management

Work has been done to develop a "Retribution Policy of the Group Companies" that takes into account criteria of justice, equality, competitiveness, transparency, distinguishing acknowledgement of superior performance, and development.

The methodology that is used in training actions is based on the 70-20-10 model and it incorporates important technological advances.

In 2017, 71 hours per employee were spent in training. The people on staff were able to take advantage of courses aimed at improving their employability in technical areas, languages, skills and abilities that were not directly related to the functions of their current jobs.