Social management

Satellite Connectivity Programme

The aim of this programme is to provide satellite connectivity services (satellite internet) in 9 municipalities within our areas of direct influence in Puno, Cusco, and Arequipa, reaching the main squares in the communities where they are located.​

This programme is made possible through the alliance between Hispasat and Redinter, both companies of Redeia, in collaboration with ADRA and the local municipalities.



The programme benefits 9 municipalities and communities within the areas directly influenced by TESUR, TESUR 2, and TESUR 4. ​



An agreement has been established between ADRA, the municipalities, Hispasat, and Redinter to provide free satellite connectivity services for a period of 2 years.


Kusi Warma: Improving Health and Education​

We address child poverty through an educational approach that focuses on improving health (reducing anemia) and providing training for teachers and mothers in our areas of direct influence in the Puno Region. This initiative is conducted in collaboration with ADRA, district municipalities, educational institutions, and the Peruvian Union University.​



100 children, mothers and teachers in the communities of Caminaca and Caracoto in the Puno Region.​

Kusi Warma

School kits

We have provided school supplies to children in the areas of direct influence of our REDESUR, TESUR, TESUR 2 and TESUR 4 concessions in order to contribute to their educational development.

This activity is carried out in collaboration with the Jesuitas del Perú Development Office.



2021: 2,499 school-age children

Kits escolares

Support program for health centres​

We conduct training sessions for healthcare professionals working in the health centres within the areas of direct influence of our Carhuaquero - Cajamarca Norte - Cáclic - Moyobamba (CCNCM) concession.​

Additionally, we provide basic medical materials to support the operation of these centres. This initiative is conducted in collaboration with ADRA Peru and the Peruvian Union University.



19 health centres within the area of influence of CCNCM.

Centros salud