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"Kusi Warma" Project: Improving the health and education of children in Puno

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Proyecto "Kusi Warma"

"Kusi Warma" aims to improve health and education through interprofessional strategies in initial and primary educational institutions in the districts of Caminaca and Caracoto in the Puno region, achieving a positive impact on 100 children and 67 families, through the dealership "Transmisora ​​Eléctrica del Sur 2 S.A.C (TESUR 2) in collaboration with ADRA Perú and the Universidad Peruana Unión (UPeU) Juliaca headquarters.

To measure the level of learning in parents and children who belong to the program, two didactic contests were held, the first called “Ñawinchayta Yachani” (“I know how to read”), which aims to
promote reading development in students using various oral and written resources. Likewise, the second “Healthy Eating” contest puts into practice the educational sessions developed during the project and promotes the consumption of healthy dishes, rich in iron to reduce and prevent anemia in children.

The result of approximately two years of learning with the “Kusi Warma” program allows Redinter to participate and maintain commitment to the objectives of the company's sustainability plan. It is expected to continue contributing to the development of areas of interest and to motivate more people and institutions to continue together for a sustainable future.